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Terms & Conditions - Authors Crew

Your use of this Website and/or our services constitutes Your agreement to the following terms and conditions. If You do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please do not use Our services or Website.

If You are under the legal age of consent for Your respective district, You are not allowed to access or use Our services or Website. You acknowledge and agree that You must be of legal age to purchase any of Our products or services available on this Website or otherwise.

By submitting an order and/or payment, You are acknowledging that You have read and understood these terms and conditions. By submitting an order and/or payment, You are also agreeing to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, which form the entire agreement between You and


  • “Website” means all online content on website pages.
  • “Customer,” “Client”, “You,” or “Yours” mean and refer to you and/or any other person submitting an order to on your behalf.
  • “Company,” “We,” or “Our” mean and refer to, a company registered under the laws of Massachusetts.
  • “Product” means and refers to all services and products provided by to the Customer in accordance with his/her Order.
  • “Order” means an order via phone or e-mail made by a Customer to purchase services or products provided by Orders are confirmed by payments via credit card, cash receipt, or bank wire transfer.


By submitting the Order and/or payment, You are purchasing the Product for Your use only. All Products are non-refundable and come with no warranties, expressed or implied. It is Your obligation to read these Terms and Conditions before submitting any Order and/or payment to this Website.


All original Work created for this project shall be considered “work-for-hire” performed in the United States of America. The copyright for all Work produced under this agreement shall belong to the Authors' Crew until 100% of the payment has been received. Upon receiving full payment, the Authors Crew shall transfer all rights to the Client. Client shall exclusively own in perpetuity all now known or hereafter existing rights of every nature worldwide pertaining to such Work in or as part of any version of the Client’s publications that are published in print or displayed through computer-assisted and other interactive media such as the Internet and World Wide Web (collectively the “Rights”). Authors Crew hereby irrevocably grants and assigns to the Client all Rights for the Work free from any restrictions and limitations.


The Authors Crew agrees to abide by the provisions of the Personal Information Protection of Electronic Documents Act and that any and all information provided by the Client (the “Information”) shall be kept strictly confidential. The Consultant agrees not to, at any time, or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use any information for the Consultant’s own benefit, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information to any third party without the prior written consent of the Client. The confidentiality provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect after the termination of this Agreement.


Client agrees to hold Authors Crew harmless for any such damages that may arise from Authors Crew’s work product. In no event shall Authors Crew be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of her work product. Authors Crew assumes no responsibility for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever (including without limitation, those resulting from her work product or from:

  • (a) user or Client reliance on the materials or documents produced
  • (b) costs of replacement writings, training, or documents
  • (c) loss of use, data, or profits
  • (d) delays or business interruptions,
  • (e) and any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of Authors Crew’s work whether or not Authors Crew has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Upon completion, Ghostwriter shall submit the completed Project in written form in a format reasonably acceptable to Client. Subject to the terms set forth herein, including Paragraph 3 below, the manner and method of producing the Project are solely at the discretion of Ghostwriter as long as they comply with Client requirements, which Client shall communicate in writing to Ghostwriter. The ghostwriter is obliged to work only on the Project and the Client is not entitled to demand Ghostwriter’s engagement in another project unless or until Client and Ghostwriter enter into a separate agreement to cover such project on mutually agreed upon terms.


  • (a) Upon submitting the Project to the Client, Ghostwriter represents and warrants that the Project (or any part of it) is plagiarism-free and original; complies with all requirements provided by the Client; has not been obtained by unlawful means; has not been previously published in any manner or medium, specifically including but not limited to, print or electronic means.
  • (b) The Ghostwriter acknowledges and agrees that if they fail to adequately complete the Project by the due date the Client has the sole right to cancel this Agreement; provided that Client must pay Ghostwriter a reasonable prorated amount of the Fees proportionate to that portion of the project completed to date. If the Ghostwriter fails to meet the Project deadline, they must contact the Client to request a deadline extension at least 24 hours prior to the due date. An extension is not guaranteed and can be granted at the Client’s sole discretion.
  • (c) The Project must conform to general readability standards as determined by the Client. Ghostwriter acknowledges and represents that if the Project fails to conform to the general readability standards, the Client has the sole right to request an immediate revision of Project, deny payment, and/or cancel this Agreement.


  • (a) The parties expressly agree and acknowledge that the relationship created by this Agreement is one of Independent Contractor. Authors Crew is not the employee of the Client. The Authors Crew agrees to be treated as an Independent Contractor for all employment purposes. Therefore, no payroll deductions for employment taxes or insurance of any kind shall be paid by the Client for or on Authors Crew’s behalf. Payroll deductions, employment taxes, and insurance that are subject to this paragraph include but are not limited to FICA, federal, state, and local income tax withholding; state disability insurance; state unemployment insurance; and workers compensation insurance.
  • (b) In order to meet State and Federal rules and regulations applicable to Independent Contractor status, the Authors Crew must meet the following criteria: (i) be engaged in a distinct occupation or business; (ii) perform services without direct supervision; (iii) provide tools & equipment for said services, and (iv) provide business license, and/or Federal I.D. number, or valid Social Security Number.
  • (c) The Authors Crew shall not hold himself/herself out to the public as an employee, agent, or partner of or with the Client. The Client is engaged in the business of Client’s Business and is not an employer, partner, or joint venture of or with the Authors Crew. MATERIALS. The Client agrees to furnish the Authors Crew with all necessary materials needed to complete the Work described herein. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, podcast files, articles, training documents, client’s products, passwords/logins, marketing collateral, feedback and guidance on what the Client’s objectives are, and other materials.


It is important that you read and fully understand the refund policy in order to have full knowledge of the privileges and limitations governed by the Authors’ Crew Policy.

This Agreement will begin on the Effective Date set forth above and shall continue until terminated as provided herein by either party. If either party violates a term of this Agreement, then the other party (the “Non-breaching Party”) may terminate this Agreement, effective immediately upon delivery of written notice of termination by the Non-breaching Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time for any or no reason, effective upon three (3) days' written notice. Upon written cancellation, the Client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any Work performed by Authors Crew toward the completion of the project based on the percentage of the project completed. Should Client cancel the project following its completion, Client is responsible for full payment as per the above estimate plus all other expenses incurred.

We offer refunds only in special cases and specified conditions, detailed as under:


    Once the work is delivered, customers are only entitled to claim a refund once they have exhausted all the options detailed as under;

    If it does not comply with project requirements (as requested/documented by the customer).
    We are committed to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and offer unlimited revisions to ensure that the delivery is up to the mark. We assign, re-assign and re-write your work to ensure complete satisfaction.
    Reserve FREE Pages for the future, but of the same value and you can avail them at any time. If we’re still not able to deliver what you asked for, a refund will be processed with a mutual agreement on a set percentage (but only in the cases where the delivery is completely off the mark)


    We believe in “On Time Delivery” but if for any reason we fail to deliver the asked service on time, after at least three attempts to contact us, your refund will be processed once it is established through documentary evidence that the late delivery was the company’s fault.


    Authors Crew is not to blame for the delays caused by natural disasters or events that are major and outside of their control (such as fire, floods, wars, pandemics, etc.)


    Refunds must be claimed within 15 days of delivery. Refunds claimed after the set time frame will not be entertained.

    All the customers must note the deadline for claiming a refund at the time of placing an order.


If (for any reason) you change your mind and decide against continuing your project with us after placing your order, you can ask for a refund within the first hour of placing your order. After the first hour, a 30% processing fee will be charged.


In case of late delivery due to some minor technical errors, such as grammatical, typing, word count, missing references, etc., refunds will be processed with mutual agreement and the company will only settle with partial refund or discounts reserved for future purchases.

The company will not be responsible for any delay from the client’s end.


The agreement contained in this Contract constitutes the sole agreement between the Authors Crew and the Client regarding the project outlined above. Any additional work not specified in this contract requires a separate agreement.