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Best Place To Sell And Publishing Books Online

Book sales platforms are a fantastic method to demonstrate the results of your dedication and hard work. Several platforms are available for book writing services UK, and each has a variety of features. Before choosing the specific platform we will utilize, it is wise to learn more about all of the available possibilities. Cost, safety, and copyright laws are just a few of the numerous issues surrounding eBook publishing that need to be taken into account beforehand.

Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon:

The Amazon service is intended for anyone who wants to consciously their eBooks. Authors using this platform can publish their works immediately in the Kindle Store online store. The option to purchase books in paperback is an intriguing one offered by the shop. A book in digital form must be sent by the author to Amazon. Amazon handles the printing, shipping, and customer service when a client purchases a book from them. The author incurs no additional expenses as a result of those procedures. Every book that is sold earns the author a commission.


Kobo is a Canadian firm that provides eBooks, audiobooks, and various eBook readers. It is also one of the world's most well-known online stores for eBooks. The user has access to more than 5 million titles, as we can see on the company's website. Kobo provides all its app, which is accessible through the App Store and Google Play. The app enables book reading anywhere. There is no need to save or look for the last page that was read, allowing readers to transfer among devices without losing sight of their reading progress.

The authors can publish their own works through Kobo Writing Life, making them accessible to a wide audience. The entire procedure is really straightforward. The author must register, publish his eBook, and invest some time in marketing and publicity. Within 72 hours, his eBook will be placed on the catalog list.

Barnes & Nobel (NOOK):

And over 1 million eBooks are for sale at the online bookstore Barnes & Noble. The consumers' own electronic devices now allow them to read eBooks thanks to the dedicated NOOK app.

Every author, even aspiring ones, can publish their own eBook (or paperback version) with the assistance of Barnes & Noble Press and market it to millions of people. To do this, the author must go through a brief, time-consuming process of account creation and file mailing. After 72 hours, the author may anticipate making money from the upload of his text.

Apple iBooks:

Each user can locate both eBooks and soundtracks on Apple iBook’s. The application offers several intriguing features and is accessible for iOS and macOS operating systems. The software has a feature that lets users define their own reading objectives, promoting reading practice.

Apple Book has produced a thorough handbook about eBook publishing approaches and methods for aspiring authors. The entire process of creating an eBook is covered in the manual, including planning, authoring, publishing, and sales. No matter how much an eBook costs, the author still gets 70% of the sale price.

Google Play:

The Google Play store offers a wide variety of products, including games, apps, music, books, movies, and more. The Google-provided material is accessible on Android devices. In the Google Play store, writers are able to sell their eBooks.

The author has extensive freedom and some degree of control regarding his text. He may maintain his digital rights and choose which nations he wants to publish his eBook in. As long as he agrees to the Google Terms of Service, the author may receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale of his eBooks. In the absence of such, the commission rate equals 52%.

Smash Words:

The eBook distribution platform Smash words is based in the United States. There, books from authors and publishers all around the world can be readily published. Independent creators can convert their own files using this self-service technology and sell them on eBay.

Online sales are made available through various global distribution methods, including Apple Publications, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and others, in addition to using the exclusive Smash words bookstore. The first distribution option pays the author 80% of the selling price, while the second offers up to 60%.

Ingram Spark:

The platform known as Ingram Spark focuses on the publication of independent authors' eBooks. The most well-known retailers, including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and many others, receive a distribution of electronic books. The author must provide both an EPUB file with his content and a JPG file with the project of the book cover in order to publish an eBook.

On its website, Ingram Spark offers a very thorough price list where the costs are determined based on whether the book is just available digitally or in print as well. The website has an online calculator the author can use to verify the forecast for his earnings after deducting all expenses.

The list of eBook sales platforms above only includes the most well-known services. There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing each one of them, but they all have a lot to offer authors in terms of features and options. Prior to making the absolute final decision on the service, it is worthwhile to research the industry for ghostwriting services.