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Getting your feet wet in the literary game is not an easy task. It’s always challenging to begin your literary career, but with professional guidance behind, one can achieve wonders. At Authors Crew, we help aspiring writers take the proper steps that assist them in achieving their dream of becoming authors. Our comprehensive services include, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, formatting, publishing, and marketing. So, don’t wait any further! Talk to us right now!

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About Authors Crew!

Authors Crew is a creative agency harbouring experienced, industry-tested professionals who help aspiring authors start their authorship. Since its inception in 2018, Authors Crew has helped hundreds of authors with their literary struggles. Professionalism and Excellence are the two ways that make us stand out from the competition. We have professional teams of publication, ghostwriters, graphic designers, editors, and marketers, who work exceptionally well on clients’ demands. Do you have a best-selling idea for a book? Get in touch with us; don’t let this opportunity go by you!

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Why Us

Why Choose Authors Crew?

Simply put, it’s because we have the experience and expertise to see your problems through. With credible teams having collective experience of over 10+ years, we have successfully helped our clients with their writing, editing, publishing, and marketing needs. Authors Crew is a family of creative passions and loves to help our writers take the next big step.

We work closely and proactively with our clients, suggest solutions, make each project our own, and communicate with them every step of the way. Tired of trying and failing? Our creative professionals love challenges! We are dependable, innovative, easy to work with and come from diverse backgrounds and specialities.

Our Work Procedure!

Here’s what you can expect while working with our teams.

Your Needs Are Utmost

Whether it is ghostwriting or publishing, your needs are catered to precisely and professionally. Our experts work side by side with you, implementing needed solutions while also respecting your wants.

Your Decision, Our Implementation

As a creative service, all we do is offer you the best solutions based on your requirements. We leave the decision making to you. What you choose will be final and prioritized.


We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them. You will be kept in the loop the entire time so that you are aware of the services and work we are doing for you.

Changes Per Your Needs

Whenever we get on board with a client, we send them timely work so that they can review and approve them. If you are not satisfied with the work or need some adjustments, we do that for you.

Your Needs, Our Expertise

Since it’s your book we are working on, you will have the final say in everything. Our experience in the industry helps you make informed decisions. Our experts know the art; the vision is entirely yours.

Customer Testimonies!

Read What Our Clients Are Saying!

Blake Hill was a tremendous help. I just got my book edited from them, and I had no clue my manuscript contained so many errors. They are so helpful and easy to communicate with.

Susan Borris

I wasted an entire month looking to self publish my book. I came across which claimed to get a book to publish in weeks. I contacted them and told them my problem. They told me they would help me publish my book. Thanks to them, my book is now published and ready to be purchased.

Lucy Lane

Wonderful people, wonderful service. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody looking to get the most out of ghostwriting services. Keep up the good work guys!

Billy Williams

I had a unique but challenging idea for a book. I contacted many services, but they weren’t ready to work on such a project. Then came Authors Crew. They not only accepted my project but also delivered it to my expectations. Wonderful site!


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What types of services do you guys offer?

    At Authors Crew, we offer ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, formatting, publishing, book cover designs, and book marketing services. You can opt for one or more services depending upon your requirements.

  • No, we don’t. The proceeds from the book will be entirely yours. We just charge a one-time fee for our services. Your book is entirely yours; we don’t own any part of your book.

  • No, that’s what ghostwriting is. You don’t have to name our writers, but it is totally up to you if you want to give a shoutout to them. We will not ask you to name our writers or us.

  • Yes. Revisions are necessary for clients and us to remain on the same page. When you get on board with us, you get unlimited edits so that everything is up to your expectations.

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